Change the game. Play Queen Rules.




When a 5 year-old girl asked us why Kings are always better than Queens, we could only think of one logical response. Create #QueenRules. A new way to play cards where Queens outrank Kings.

This International Women’s Day, we challenge you to play with our new rules. Together we can tackle unconscious gender bias, one hand at a time.






Playing #QueenRules helps raise funds and awareness for HeForShe, our official charity partner. A UN Women initiative for gender equality through solidarity.


Ways to play

Texas Hold'em

Shuffle up and deal. #QueenRules Texas Hold ’em rules are simple. Queens outrank Kings. Aces still beat Queens. Royal straight now runs 10, J, K, Q, A.  




Queen Rules goes solo. Same game, different rules. When you’re stacking cards on the foundation piles at the top - the final card you need to play is the Queen. Not the King.


One of the world’s greatest card games with a 21st century twist. Play #QueenRules rummy, so Queens are high and melds run K-Q-A rather than Q-K-A.




Ask us, but we’re not sure why Queen of Spades is the worst card in the pack. Play Queen Rules Hearts, and make it so King of Spades is worth 13 points instead.

High Card

The game that started it all. And it’s not complicated. Deal out the cards. Turn ‘em over one at a time. Whoever has the highest card collects ‘em. Queens beat Kings.




Its one of our favourite games. Same rules as always, but Queens outrank Kings. So if you play a Queen, only a Queen, Ace, 2 or 10 can be played.




Support #QueenRules.

We were lucky enough to work with 16 unbelievable illustrators from to bring our cards to life.

We’ll be dropping limited edition shirts all month, with all funds raised going to HeForShe. An incredible charity that fights for gender equality.



Our initial run of playing cards has now run out. To be the first in line for the next batch, register your interest below.



Our Queens rule beyond just playing cards. Hang one of these beautiful, limited-edition prints with all proceeds going to HeForShe.