15 queen of hearts card tattoo ideas and meaning

15 queen of hearts card tattoo ideas and meaning

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Queen of Hearts Tattoo Ideas

When looking for tattoo inspiration, there are few less recognizable symbols than those found on playing cards. Among those, the Queen of Hearts is a popular tattoo style that can stand on its own or be incorporated into a larger piece.

What does a Queen of Hearts tattoo mean?

The Queen of Hearts tattoo is popular among women and is often associated with the Queen of Hearts character from Alice in Wonderland. The character, while portrayed as a villain, is a determined and strong-willed woman who gets what she wants. The meaning of this tattoo could therefore be reinforcing the ideal of being a strong, independent woman who is the master of her own heart. The Queen of Hearts tattoo could, alternatively, be a reference to love and is often part of a matching tattoo between couples – one with the Queen of Hearts and one with the King of Hearts.

Who does the Queen of Hearts card represent?

The Queen of Hearts has been depicted as an homage to Judith, a biblical figure from the Old Testament, who exemplifies many values associated with love including humility and fortitude.

Here are 15 Queen of Hearts Tattoo Ideas for your Next Tattoo:

  1. Matching Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts tattoos

This tattoo could be a meaningful addition for a couple deep in love. One partner gets the Queen of Hearts while the other gets the King, and together they form a powerful couple who rule over their love.

  1. Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

Disney films hold a special place in many people’s hearts, and the classic Alice in Wonderland is no exception. The classic villain of the movie represents strength, determination, and a little bit of nostalgia for a simpler time.


  1. Queen of Hearts from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

A remake on a classic, the Queen of Hearts was played in this live-action adaptation by talented actress Helena Bonham Carter. A cult-favourite actress and regular in Tim Burton movies, a tattoo of this strong and sassy villain pays homage to not only the Queen of Hearts character, but the beloved actress.


  1. Classic Queen of Hearts Tattoo

There’s something to be said about the classics. The Queen of Hearts card was introduced to the standard deck of playing cards in the 1300s and was the first woman to be added to the deck. Portrayed after powerful women from history and mythology, this tattoo is a great symbol of the power of women and feminism.


  1. Queen of Hearts Card Tattoo

For many people, cards are not just a way to pass the time but a way of life. The classic Queen of Hearts tattoo can symbolize a simple love of the game, whether it’s professionally or just a hobby.

  1. Queen of My Heart Tattoo

While not always associated with cards, a popular tattoo combines the crown of a queen and a heart to symbolize that someone is the master of their own heart and love life.

  1. Queen of Hearts for the Realist

We all know the traditional heart is not the same as the anatomical one. For a tattoo that says I’m the Queen of my Heart, but I also keep my feet on the ground, consider this Queen of Hearts tattoo with a touch of realism.

  1. Claddagh Heart Tattoo

The Claddagh Heart is a traditional Irish symbol meaning love, loyalty, and friendship. Similar to the Queen of Hearts image, it portrays a feeling of love and regality.

  1. Klimt’s Explicit Judith Tattoo

The Queen of Hearts is thought to represent Judith, the biblical figure from the Old Testament, and one of the most common depictions of Judith is Klimt’s from 1901. Judith was a strong warrior and remained unmarried until she died, therefore is seen by many as a symbol of female strength and independence.

  1. Traditional Judith Tattoo

For a more traditional take on the inspiration behind the Queen of Hearts, you may opt for a more realist depiction of Judith as she’s be-heading Holofernes in her crowning moment.

  1. Queen of Hearts Tarot Card

Those who believe in tarot cards may find particular meaning with a Queen of Cups card tattoo. The Queen of Cups is similar to the Queen of Hearts, and is compassionate, caring, and intuitive. She encourages others to lead with their heart and trust your emotions.

  1. Queen of Myself

Another popular Queen of Hearts tattoo is simply recognizing ones self as the ruler they are. Headstrong, fierce, and bowing to no one, the Queen of Hearts tattoo is also a symbol of independence and regality.

  1. Royal Flush Tattoo

For those passionate about poker, a royal flush tattoo could immortalize your love of the game. Incorporating the Queen of Hearts into the hand, this is one of the best hands in poker!

  1. Four Queens Friendship Tattoos

The Queen of Hearts is only one Queen in a deck of cards, and together they make up a fierce and powerful group of women. Find 3 of your closest girlfriends and get matching tattoos, each with a different Queen!

  1. Queen and King of Hearts Tattoo

Instead of getting boring wedding bands, why not get matching tattoos with your new spouse on your ring fingers? Delicate and discrete, it’s the ultimate way of committing to your partner forever.


There are many different variations for a Queen of Hearts tattoo, and the history and origin of the card leave it open for interpretation. Choose a tattoo idea that has special meaning for you, and not for other people.

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